Summit Objectives

We are witness to very exciting times, where the financial services distribution landscape is changing, with distribution getting disaggregated. The 7th edition of the CII Financial Distribution Summit aims to identify the loopholes in the current state of distribution models, identify the potential end states for redefined distribution models, and identify the path to be taken to meet these redefined financial distribution objectives.

The Summit seeks to address the following:

  • Discuss frameworks and regulations with the objectives of encouraging efficient outcomes in India
  • Understand the prevalent models of distribution, and the challenges that may erupt with their evolution.
  • The demand-supply dichotomy will continue in distribution of financial services, unless multiple customer touch-points are put in place, along with a financially literate consumer base.
  • Question the future of brick and mortar branches. In moving towards a hybrid model in distribution, leveraging frontier technologies plays a key role.
Topics of Discussion
Topics of Discussion

Regulatory Challenges & Reforms’

Regulation in the financial sector has been product focused and different across regulators which has prompted regulatory arbitrage.

Disruptive Innovation – a blessing in disguise?

Disruptive Innovation is a blessing in disguise and if so, what strategies do the existing players need to deploy inorder to remain relevant in the market.

Evolving new distribution channels: Integrating new models and mindset with Traditional strategy

This Session will aim to identify the new distribution channels to target the ever-changing needs of these consumers across all age groups & class and discuss how to integrate new models with the existing traditional strategies
Session Highlights
  • Varied types of regulatory redress within India and in other markets
  • As new distribution channels emerge, how organizations can steer the moral compass towards the positive
  • What impacts consumer behavior in adopting digital transactions (literacy, product etc.)? How can we maximize this to tap rural consumers?
  • Use technology for value creation – lower costs, extend reach, drive efficiencies
Key Take Aways
  • Careful consideration of Global best practices is necessary before implementing regulations
  • Adhering to a standard of Ethics can contribute to the growth of the financial services sector
  • Working on digital and financial literacy initiatives, along with simplifying customer interface, will indicate improved prospects for distributors of financial services
  • Digital solutions and real time customer insights to increase penetration of financial services